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About us


About us

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Our Vision

Through Expressions of Love, Honor, & Affirmation we will transform
to be empowered & discover purpose
to embrace celebration & cultivate belonging
to encourage engagement & foster connection



Empowering people to impact others through celebration

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

pursue excellence

Build up others

Embrace Change

Be Healthy

Strive for greatness in all you do.

Strive for greatness in all you do.

Love intentionally through actions, attitudes, and words.

Love intentionally through actions, attitudes, and words.

Abandon comfort - Persistently learn - Be transformed.

Abandon comfort - Persistently learn - Be transformed.

Seek growth: financially, intellectually, physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Seek growth: financially, intellectually, physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Keep It Real

Be honest with yourself and others.

Be honest with yourself and others.


Work together to be exceptional.

Work together to be exceptional.

Fail Forward

Seize the learning that failure exposes.

Seize the learning that failure exposes.

Be Lean and Efficient

Be intentional. Be organized. Be productive.

Be intentional. Be organized. Be productive.



Live Generously

Kill It

Bring a spirit of joy to each day.

Bring a spirit of joy to each day.

Give abundantly.

Give abundantly.

Exceed expectations.

Exceed expectations.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

We love our team….we love our people…and we believe our team is of immeasurable value.   You see, we believe that: "you cannot give, what you do not have."  So, we are developing and nurturing a team of people who recognize their incredible worth and are, thereby, able to give love to others with sustainable excellence. 

At the foundation of Trophy Awards is our Core Values, and we've built a team of people who align with these values.  We believe that there is power in agreement - and that a team united in their values will always outperform teams operating in silos and division.   We strive to understand each other for who we really are - beyond the surface of a resume - so that each person on our team can lay aside pretense and be seen and known.  This is a team of brave individuals who are willing to lean into discomfort and vulnerability for the sake of a meaningful work-life that is integrated with their whole-life aspirations.

Albert Einstein said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying."   We believe his quote is true.  Because we love each staff member, we feel a constant responsibility to invite each staff member away from the dangerous lures of comfort and stagnation and into a relationship with learning and change.   You see, we believe learning is the path to empowerment…empowerment is the path to transformation…transformation is the path to a life of abundance and meaning.  As our team learns, grows, and matures, they develop the heart and skill to serve others with sincere passion and discerning insight.

We want our team to live a life full of joy, abundance, and connection.  We want that for them - and we want that for you!  This is a team that will work to earn your trust and empower you to transform the lives of others through expressions of love, honor, and affirmation.

I'm honored to introduce them!

Our Leadership Team


Jason Bumgartner

Co-owner, Operations Enthusiast. Set goals, enjoy the ride, and throw a party when you get there!

Jenny Bumgartner

Co-owner, I love our customers, the beautiful products we make, nature and my family.


Tom Busch

A leader learning humility. Fan of simplicity. cultural synchronicity and relational intentionality. Some days I feel like Marcus Vinicius, other days like Sisyphus. 

Our Customer CARE Team

Andy Eastman

Problem solver, people person. I love to coach and teach, and be with family.

Alice Kendrick

I love to help people reach for and attain their goals, large and small.  I love reading, creating art, gaming and spending time with my family and friends.

Britney Kirn

Love making others laugh, helping others, yard work, and DIY projects.


Aimee Anderson

I love helping people to bring joy to others.

Dustin Teetor

Yes Man. Positive and goofy. Always looking for a laugh.

Gail Maundrell

I earned all of my gray hairs. Everyday I'm shuffling. I love my stapler.



Holly Young

Serving, laughing, creating & living generously everyday! 


Landon Martin

I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.

Our Product Care team


Nick Spruiell

Graphic Artist/Shipping Extraordinaire. I enjoy watching Sports and relaxing with the family! Go UC!!! 

Chris Tucker

Family & Friends. Teach, Love and Live.

Jaye Hood

Imprinting Specialist. Father and fan of all things sports and food. 

Jessica Puckett

Driver, motivator, home owner, scarf knitter, and she enjoys the lake.

Jennifer Mrocheck

Awards producer, and choosing joy in this simple life.

Joe Gray

Man of Mystery, he is a reader, a seeker, a leader, and a keeper.

Phil Schambach

I enjoy crafting things out of wood, sports, and spending time with family.


Our Design Team

Catrina Mullins

Designer by day, Clogger by night (a.k.a. Destiny).  I love clogging, my family, doing special effects makeup, gaming out and zombies!


Veen Bristow

I'm an Illustrator and designer from Cincinnati! I'm learning mindfulness. I love making art, reading comics, petting dogs and watching cartoons. 


Jessie Bargen

Graphic Designer. I enjoy cooking, going to lake or beach and love spending time with my husband and soon to be 2 babies. 


Greg Wesling

Concept Consultant, Loves hockey and has an awesome collection of novelty t-shirts.

Lauren 2.jpg

Lauren Tibbs

Graphic Designer (and a Gryffindor) still waiting on my Hogwarts letter! Obsessed with yellow, friends, and all things chocolate.


Our Purchasing, Inventory, and Shipping Team

Ryan Forman

 I love sports, playing and listening to music, and spending time with my wife and 5 children.


Angie Briley

Life has been such a blessing and I enjoy being able to pay it forward as often as possible. 


Our Employee care & accounting team

Dustin Sullivan

EC Driven (Employee Care) Striving to be intentional in my interactions. I LOVE to be outside.


Megan Leimbach

Enthusiastic event planner, celebrator and traveler.  Typically found running, with family (and pets), or cleaning.


Todd Carson

I love my family, friends, sports and working at Trophy Awards.  Every day is a Blessed Day!

Our Technology & Projects Team


Samantha Sullivan

Project Chaperone, Fun overall and thorough in her work, she embraces authenticity. 


Abigail Church

Lover of numbers and words. Amateur author/blogger. I love nature and people.


Brett Schieszer

Artist, Creative Thinker, Enjoy Life When You Can.