School and Sports Awards

We want to empower you to celebrate the people in your world no matter where you are: home, school, church, or work. We believe that when we team-up with you to celebrate others, we will accomplish the goal of affirming and inspiring greatness in others.


We believe that even a very economical trophy, when thoughtfully presented and personalized, can have a significant impact on the recipient...we have witnessed this many times over! A trophy that affirms something special about a young child can facilitate life-changing character development.

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Recognition Plaques

Plaques provide a great tablet or canvas for your message of celebration. When desk or shelf space is limited, a plaque can be a great choice to keep your message of affirmation in easy view.

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Medals celebrate and decorate the character traits displayed through tough events. Available in gold, silver, and bronze finish, medals provide an attractive and nearly indestructible keepsake. A valued and relevant option for all….from the Olympian to the T-baller.

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Ribbons and rosettes have the power to timestamp significant moments in our lives. They can remind of us of how character growth stems from challenge and exertion. These little gems have remarkable staying power.

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Pins & Certificates

Pins and Certificates are great reminders of the dedication and commitment needed to accomplish something significant…along with the value of teamwork and collaboration. Accomplishing anything great requires the efforts of more than one.

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