Honor Plaque



With an attractive mahogany-finished frame and authentic verde marble insert, this award will add style to any wall it graces. Number of lines engraving included as noted.

Millions of years old, marble is an amazing substance…the material of palaces, skyscrapers, and citadels. It is creation at its finest, but it is not machine made. Hence, there are variations in each marble award…every piece is unique with random variations in color, veining, specks, and texture. All items are hand-crafted and hand-polished and slight variations in size and shape will occur. For those who want perfect congruity, these items are not for you. For those who appreciate the distinctive beauty of nature, you will be pleased.

Gold color-filled text included. Price includes logo if clean black and white artwork is supplied.

Quantity Discounts

2+ $92.00
10+ $89.00