Prestige Optical Crystal Award



The Optical Crystal Prestige Award is created with five different crystal components. Together they create an impressive and totally unique award with contemporary and exquisite angles. The triangular cobalt risers help frame in the bold area for your message and wording, while the mirrored double bases make this entire award sparkle.

This optical crystal award is over 11” tall and weighs over 4 pounds. Luxury Presentation Box Included in price.

This award is available with two distinctive personalization processes: sandcarving and Ultra Color.

We've been sandcarving for over 25 years. Using this process, we use a mix of high pressure air and abrasives to carve into the award. We deep-etch so you can feel the depth of the letters and see the light refract off the frosted carved edge. This is our default process and available without a set-up charge. Price includes logo and 10 words. See artwork requirements.

Ultra Color is a newer technology we utilize to image full-color layouts onto awards with outstanding brilliance. The process is UV stable, durable, and easy to read. The award price is unchanged with this process. There is a one time $45.00 setup expense and a $25.00 expense for repeat projects. Price include logo and unlimited wording. See artwork requirements.

Quantity Discounts

2+ $122.50
10+ $116.00
25+ $109.75

Imprint Method

Sand Carved +$0.00
Ultra Color +$0.00