Signature Plaques



Create a special and affordable award presented and signed by your team or organization. This award wood plaque comes with artwork and instructions. Choose from many available sports, or let us create a custom design for your organization. Number of lines engraving included as noted. Great coaches award!

Additional art charge may apply for custom design.

Size 1
7" x 9" $19.50
8" x 10" $26.00

Board Color

Brown +$0.00
Matte Black +$1.00

Signature Plate Color

Satin Gold +$0.00
Satin Silver +$0.00
Satin Bronze +$0.00

Engraved Plate Color

Black +$0.00
Blue +$0.00
Red +$0.00
Green +$0.00
Purple +$0.00
Maroon +$0.00
Orange +$0.00
Yellow +$0.00

Backup Plate Color

Shiny Silver +$0.00
Shiny Gold +$0.00
Shiny Bronze +$0.00