Shipping Methods and Pricing

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Shipping & Pick-Up Policy

Sometimes a table gives just enough information, but sometimes, a little more clarity is needed. Please see below for expanded explanations of our shipping options.

Pick-Up Holding Policy

Pick-ups are held for 30 days after order completion. If orders are not picked up within the 30-day holding period, the products will be recycled with no refund. If you need longer than 30 days please contact your Customer Care team member to discuss extending the holding period for your order.

Ground Shipping within the United States

If you are shipping to a single location with standard ground delivery, we are now offering Free Shipping on orders over $49. For convenience we have flat rates that apply to orders below $49. They are as follows:

  • If your order total is between $0.00 - $24.99 your shipping cost will be $7.95.

  • If your order total is between $25.00 - $48.99 your shipping cost will be $12.95.

Expedited Shipping within the United States

If you are shipping to a single location with an expedited delivery option, your shipping cost will be displayed at checkout. Our expedited rates are flat rates based on the speed of your delivery and the total weight of your order.

International Shipments

If you are shipping to a location outside of the United States, your order will need to be placed through one of our Customer Care team members. You can get your order started by sending us an email at or calling us at 800-455-6011.

Multi-Address Shipments

If your order requires products to be shipped to multiple locations, your shipping costs are calculated a little differently. The shipping cost for each Ship To location will be calculated using the ground shipping method described above. There will also be a $5.00 per address service fee that covers additional processing and packaging costs.

Let’s run through an example order: [For simplicity this example does not include tax]

Toby works at a company that provides safety training for businesses across the United States. There are several locations that they operate from so they’re dependent on many people to keep business thriving. Toby wants to order personalized awards that communicate how much they’re appreciated and highlight their positive traits that push the whole organization forward. In order to achieve this he needs to send these awards to multiple company sites to reach the right people. Let’s take a look at Toby’s order.

Your Order

Gem Acrylic Award
Safety Experts

x 4

$21.95 each

Full Color Plastic Name Tags
New Recruits

x 6

$5.95 each

Ultra-Color Ebony Pianowood Plaque 7x9

x 1

$33.50 each

Order Total


At first glance this entire order appears to qualify for Free Shipping since it’s over $49. But when we look at the details the shipping costs would actually be calculated as below…

Name & Address


Address Total

Shipping Cost

Service Fee

Jim Suarez
100 Main St.

Gem Acrylic Award x1
Ultra-Color Plaque x1




Allison Smith
100 Main St.

Gem Acrylic Award x1
Full Color Name Tags x3




Tim Jones
100 Main St.
North Dakota

Gem Acrylic Award x1
Full Color Name Tags x3




Shaniqua Johnson
100 Main St.

Gem Acrylic Award x1





Shipping Cost




If you still have questions about our shipping pricing and methods please contact our Customer Care Team at 859-442-7500.